If you look close enough, you will see a double rainbow. This was by far the brightest rainbow I have ever seen in person. The pics really don’t show how bright it was because I really don’t know how to use my camera.

This was just along a little hike called the Woods Walk. We have walked it before but the weather was just perfect for this awesomeness to happen.


We also found these awesome shelters that the boys just loved!


We continued on our hike in an orderly fashion for about 10 seconds! Luckily I was able to catch the one moment:


We had to turn around and end our hike after we came to a stream that was just a hair to dangerous to pass with the little ones:


We ended the day with grilling out. It was my first time to cook hamburgers, and they surprisingly turned out awesome!


We had a great day hiking and eating again. We are on a 3-1 ratio of eating and working out, so unfortunately we are not becoming any more fit.

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