White Water Rafting (Day 8)

We had an epic adventure today. We booked a rafting tour on the Gunnison River. We thought we would be more “floating,” but it turned out that we were rafting on Class 2 and Class 3 level rapids!!

We went on the Scenic River Tour group and our guide was Jeremy. He did an excellent job and kept us all safe. We learned the basics of rafting and how the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon is the only river with its own class system for rating rapids. The normal ranking system goes up to 5, but the CO river goes to 10 in order to eliminate the “half” convention. So a Class 10 in the Grand Canyon is basically a Class 5.

It was an awesome and informative experience, and I would highly recommend it to everyone!


After our epic adventure of white water rafting with a 4 year old, we decided it was time for…..you guessed it, another hike!!

This time we went to the Lost Lake trail. We attempted to go to the actual Lost Lake, but my folks were not so into the mosquito ridden trail. We did have a good time anyway, hiking about halfway and turning around.  We had a great time hanging in nature though!


Tip #31 – Always have water in the car. Similar to the sandal tip, just keep a couple containers/bottles of water if you decide to do an improptu hike. Today we had 1 1/2 bottles, which wasn’t nearly enough for 4 adults and 2 minis.

By the time we had finished hiking and driving back to the house, it was yummy dinner time. We ate at the Italian restaurant in town, and it was delish! Owen enjoyed spilling milk all over himself, and Andre had a blast mixing Nana’s coffee.

Finally we ended the night by going to Third Bowl for ice cream. I think we have eaten ice cream every night we have been here. I am not sure what we are thinking hyping up the kids with sugar right before bed, but it’s vacation so we are just living it up. Here is a taste of our ice cream nights:

We are super excited my folks are able to enjoy this time with us! Looking forward to taking them on the lift tomorrow!

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