Pizza Pizza (Day 7)

So today we had the best conversation at dinner today. We were eating at a local pizza joint called Secret Stash. I would like you to count the number of times pizza is said by Dre and Leo. This convo is super deep:

After our early dinner, we decided to get some fresh air and walk to the park. The boys were feeling super happy due to the pizza, hiking and nature that they started to be super loving to each other. First there was this hug that came out of nowhere:


Then as we were walking to the park, Owen reached out his hand to hold Andre’s hand and we got this sweet video we are going to cry about when Jeff and I get older and the boys are all grown up:

We enjoyed our time in the park for the 4th day in a row and made our way back to the house. What a great day for memories with great friends.

Tip #31 – Bring friends on your adventures. I think vacations may feel like an opportunity to get away from everything and everyone but having friends join us on this trip has been awesome. Dre has been having a blast with his buddy Leo and would not be having nearly as much fun without him here.

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