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Ten Key Trips was born out of a passion for travel and adventure. The founder, Katherine Kochelek, believes that traveling educates, brings perspective, connects people, builds memories and ignites the passion for life.

Ten Key Trips specializes in family vacation that lend themselves more to the adventurous side. National Parks are a particular specialty for Ten Key. The owner has personally visited 34 of the 63 US National Parks.

Spending time with family is one of the most impactful activities a person can do. We spend so much of our lives providing for our loved ones, that is imperative that we spend time learning, loving and laughing with them.

Contact us to start your next adventure! Remember it's more important to collect memories, not things.

Latest Articles

Forming Inspiration (Day 14)

Driving through 4 of 5 National Parks in Utah in one amazing day.

Zion At Last (Days 11-13)

Three days in Zion National Park and surrounding Springdale

Anteloping in a Blue Dress (Day 10)

Walking the Antelope Canyons and freezing in Lake Powell.

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