The Great Hunt (Day 5 cont’d)

So as you have previously read, the trip has been super low key thus far. There really haven’t been too many crazy stories or activities. We were able to accomplish a mission today though.

For a couple nights in a row now, we have seen a mouse in the house. We will be playing cards, sitting in the living room or just hanging out in the kitchen and BAM – tiny mouse running around. It really didn’t seem too threatening, so we didn’t freak out. It was actually kind of cute. We are in the middle of nature; this sort of thing is to be expected.

Of course, I would prefer the mouse doesn’t hang out with me in the house. This day, the little bugger ran into the pantry, and I knew this was my moment. After several attempts to capture it earlier in the week with a lampshade, broom and kleenex box, everyone staying with me just thought I was a super fool and could never catch Gus Gus (this is the name given to the mouse).

Today I am a champion, for I did not only catch Gus Gus, I caught his little friend too. Don’t believe me? Just watch this incredibly efficient way to catch a mouse:

Okay, so to all of you are saying, “Just put out traps you idiot” or “Why don’t you just kill it,” it was kind of cute and I felt bad smashing it or snapping it’s head. Plus, it made it a bit more of an adventure to catch it in the box.

After the success of the day – we ended up seeing 2 more mice!!!! I won the battle, but I am not sure I will be able to win the war.

Tip #31 – Lamp shades and tissue boxes are not ideal for catching quick critters. Baby diaper boxes and corners seem to work best!

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