Vermont Trees to Boston History

We had a great final day in Vermont by taking a quick hike and exploring the property we were staying on. We also took a gondola up the mountain. The kids loved the ride and the foliage was starting to pop.

We also stopped at the Quechee Gorge based on the recommendation of Jeff’s mom. It was a very small town with a little gorge running through it. Jeff saw a neat restaurant overlooking the gorge, so we called and ended up with one of the best seats in the house! Score!!

The next morning, we headed to Boston. We arrived a little late, so we just had the kids play in a park before heading to bed. The next morning, we were ready to conquer Boston. We absolutely loved this city. The history was fantastic, navigating the city was easy and there were so many things to do. We started with a Duck Tour, which Little O fell asleep for pretty quickly.


Dre had the awesome opportunity to drive the boat! Taking after his Papa!!

After Captain Dre conquered the Mass river, we headed over to the Science Museum where Owen became a Dentist. His technique was quite curious:


After this activity we ran around the highlights of the Duck Tour. We stopped at a lot of the historical places and walked along the freedom trail for a bit. At the end of our history tour, we grabbed a Boston Pie from the creators at the Parker House:


But that’s not all!! We decided to stop by the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum. This was by far the best Museum we have been to for the kiddos from an interaction standpoint. The guide was so fun and the information was excellent!

At the end of the day, we went to dinner at a nice restaurant (yes we did all of the Boston activities in one day). Probably not the wisest idea after all of the activities. The boys started to lose it as soon as we sat down. We recovered as soon as food was placed on the table but after the food was consumed, Dre started running around the restaurant with me chasing him, and he wouldn’t stop. Here is a pic right before the Great Chase:


We left Boston with very positive feelings, and we will definitely be back!


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