I bought a Redwood (Day 15)

Up the coast we go! This was supposed to be a short drive day, but we made so many stops along the way it ended up being a long drive day.

Our first distraction was….MORE TREES!!

We went to the Humbolt State Park, and we saw some amazingly large redwoods. These were actually bigger than the Giant Sequoia trees we saw at Yosemite (because Mariposa Grove was closed). When we went to the gift store, I saw these little baby tree looking things. Upon inspection, I realized they were baby redwoods for sale. OF COURSE I BOUGHT ONE!!

Then I paid $7 to try and scratch the crap out of the minivan, but due to my superior driving skills, we did not receive a single scratch:


The boys played in giant tree trunks:


Then we continued up the coast and came across this little dude:


We hung out at the Trees of Mystery park for about 2 hours. It was awesomely quirky and interesting. We skipped lunch and went to the beach instead:

Finally, we ate at the Chart Room. I had some of the best fish & chips ever! Highly recommend this special little place. Reminds me a lot of Captain Curt’s in Sarasota, except without the snow crab.

Tip #17 – Be sure to bring a ton of binkies or attach them to your child. We brought 10 at the start of the trip and we are down to 3. With all the in and out from the car to the restaurants, hotels and stops, the binkies just disappear like magic. They also magically disappear over lookouts as Owen is learning about gravity.

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  1. Matthew J Kochelek

    Awesome pictures Katie. Lots of discoveries! I cannot believe your trip is half over already. Have fun!!!

  2. Heather Beckham

    That minivan pic! 😳😱 Wow. So fun! I bet the boys had so much fun at the beach. I love that Owen is tossing pacis like they are candy. Hug a tree for us!

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