Jeep Town (Day 2)

Today we were determined to Jeep it up. The vehicle is a stick shift so that automatically (haha) means I will not be driving. I know as a 30+ year old human I should be able to drive a stick, but it gives Jeff an opportunity to impress me.


We decided that we were going to do a little hike today. So we headed into the Jeep and started our adventure. Here is a taste of the drive:

Now here is the deal – this was the picture of the map we were following. The goal was to do the “Woods Walk.”


The visitor center said it was really close and easy to get to. Number 28 was our goal – we ended up accidentally taking Kebler Pass 20 miles out of the way! Way to go Geurtswolds!!


It wasn’t too bad though because it was beautiful and the boys literally slept the entire way, even on the bumpy dirt / rock roads. We also saw this little buddy who is ready for the snow to return:


Eventually we turned around and found the Woods Walk trail, and we accomplished our simple hike. It was a super easy hike; luckily we brought our bug spray.


Afterwards we decided to go to the park, and we had a great moment with the boys:

Then we met up with some friends who have recently relocated to CB, had dinner and then relaxed in the hot tub. What an excellent first full day!

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