Ski Lift in June (Day 3)

So I had no clue that you could take ski lifts to the top of mountain in the off season! This shows my lack of experience in the mountain environment. This was one of the most awesome things we have done in CO thus far.

It was incredibly relaxing and was really fun to see the mountains from this vantage. The ski lift moved very slowly, but I still held on to those kids super tight!


Our good friends from St. Louis came to visit us this weekend, and we had a blast. The thin air definitely got to us a bit as we hiked around the top of the mountain.

Tip #28 – Make sure you drink a ton of water before going up and hiking if you are not used to the air. This helps you stay hydrated and helps with headaches! Also, don’t forget to hydrate the kiddos.

Once we got to the top, we had a bit of fun picture taking and playing in the snow.


Soon it was time to travel back down the mountain! All this sun and hiking sure wore one of our teammates out:

After our fun day of mountain time, we had a little putt-putt time!


After putt-putt, we decided to hang at the little treehouse in the adventure center.


Finally we headed home and had a good dinner followed by some smores. It was an awesome day here in CB!

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