Swimming in a Blue Hole (Day 2)

Today we had 4 hours of drive time between the Texas city of Amarillo to the New Mexico city of Albuquerque. We knew there wasn’t too much to see, so we started the day a little later by having a chill breakfast and bath time for the boys.

Once we got on the road, it was pretty smooth sailing. Our only stop on the drive today was going to be in Santa Rosa, NM. On our way there, we got to see a train that was riding along side the highway and Dre said we should race it! Below is a video of me kicking some train booty:

Ok, not the most eventful thing, but you have to take what entertainment you can.

Soon after the great train race, we pulled into Santa Rosa to experience the Blue Hole. Below are the measurements for the water hole: IMG_8604

At first I was a little skeptical that this was anything cool but we soon found a little creek where this massive water hole drained into. It looked like a great place to take the boys to play for a bit, so we took the socks and shoes off and jumped in. The water was crystal clear and Dre had a good time throwing rocks.

After we dipped our toes in the water, I couldn’t resist the idea of jumping into the main event:

The water was stated to be at 61 degrees but the temp outside was around 56 so it was pretty freaking cold! But it was a blast. We all dried off from the creek and big water hole and went to take scuba pics:

We continued on our way to Albuquerque and ate some yummy food at the Flying Star restaurant close to the bed and breakfast we are staying at:

To cap the night off, we finished with a round of Putt-Putt (which many of you know is a Dre favorite).

Thanks so much for following us and for the comments! They allow us to feel connected to you all!

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(4) Comments

  1. Matthew J Kochelek

    What a great day Katie and Jeff! That Blue Hole looks refreshing. Reminds me of the spring at Montauk State Park in Missouri where we went trout fishing many times. Love you guys! Have Fun.

  2. Gary

    Tell Andre that his friend the Cardinal was singing to him again yesterday. And that Grandpa’s basketball hoop in missing him too. Have fun!

  3. Heather Beckham

    What a fun day! Katie, your hair is so long! What great memories with the kiddos.

  4. Red

    Love the Blue Hole. That is where we (Ryan and I) did our deep scuba dives to get certified. Fun stuff.

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