Colorado Extravaganza (Day 1)

So after 5 days of unpacking, cleaning and repacking, we hit the road again and headed for Crested Butte, CO. This little trip included a plane ride and some driving.


Tip #27 – Flying with little ones has the opportunity to be stressful. A couple recommendations:

1) If the little ones don’t have tubes in their ears, make sure they have snacks, gum, bottle or something that moves their jaw. This will allow the release of pressure on take-off and landing. This is also something to think about when driving up and down mountains due to the elevation changes.

2) I would highly recommend you DON’T feed your children chocolate, soda or sugar before or during the plane rides. Chocolate and soda have caffeine which will keep the kids up. The goal should be to get them to sleep or at least remain calm. Sugar obviously hypes them up. Resist the temptation of a short-term fix and try to prevent a lose-lose situation.

3) Make sure you have activities. Movies, coloring or possibly Michelle and Doug Water Wow books. They are fantastic, easy to travel with and the kids love them.

We landed and had a 4.5 hour drive to the house we are staying at. On the drive we stopped at a McD’s to let the kiddo’s stretch a bit. The food came while Owen was playing, and he was trapped because he wanted to crawl through the wall to get to the food:

Afterwards, we hit the road hard and arrived at the house. It is fantastic. The views are wonderful and the environment of the town is just calming. It took 3 seconds for Jeff to find a comfy spot:


While Jeffrey was enjoying himself outside, Dre was able to try a new activity. He looked at me like I was super weird but quickly followed suit:

That’s right, Andre tried Oreos in milk for the first time in CO. It was pretty adorable.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, eating a bit of food and checking out this view:


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