Just take the Dam Picture (Day 6)

We woke up from our upgraded room at the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel and got ready to roll a little later than normal. We had the kiddos watch TV and chill while Jeff finished some work and I packed up. We got on the road around 11.

Today was Hoover Dam day. This was a new experience for the whole family. Jeff and I thought it was great, but I think Dre wanted to throw himself off of the dam. A four year old can only look at a concrete wall so long. Here is a quick sample of the original HD:

Now many people like to only show the good when they do pics with family. Luckily for you, I am going to show you how many tries it took to take that pic with Jeff and the boys:

After Hoover, we headed to Las Vegas:

No, I did not really play a slot machine with the Hangover baby on my stomach! I can’t believe you thought I would do such a thing.

TIP #6 – When the kids are going crazy, try to do a workout activity of some sort. Great ones include jumping jacks, run down the hallway as fast as possible and sit-up high-fives.



2 thoughts on “Just take the Dam Picture (Day 6)

  1. So true about people not showing the bad pics. I take about 10 pics to get 1 good one of the kids each time. That is a good idea about the jumping jacks and sit-up high 5’s…..will have to try those! You guys are seeing so many great sites!


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