Badges in the Badlands (Day 30)

So we were expecting a no-National-Park day, but it turns out the Badlands National Park was right on our path! Jeff was really excited to make a quick pit stop at Wall Drug. This is a famous old pharmacy that used to give away free ice water in the 30’s and 40’s as their promotion.



This is a very interesting landscape that has prairie dogs, black footed farretts, big horn sheep and rattlesnakes! There were signs all over the place to watch for the snakes.


Dre received a Junior Ranger Badge after checking out the landscape and completing his required activities. He did a great job listening today.

As we exited the park, Jeffrey was excited to gain some speed; this resulted in us getting pulled over:


I don’t know how he does it, but Jeffrey was let off with a warning!! Lucky bastard!

Then it was time for the geyser song. Oh, you don’t know the geyser song?!? Well this is a song that is on the Junior Ranger CD. We have only listened to it 265 times. It is the new Let It Go in our famiy. At least it’s educational. Take a listen:

Finally, we ended at the Econo Lodge and had some grub. We watched the Thunder game and headed to bed.

Tip #25 – Go to hotels that have pools. I wish I would have known that before booking the hotels. After driving, there aren’t too many activities to burn “kid energy.” Pools really do a great job of getting them tuckered out for bed!

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