Hiking with Sandals On (Day 4)

Today we didn’t have a plan, so we decided to take a drive down Kebler Pass just for a quick adventure. As we were enjoying this scenic drive, we spoke with a local about Judd Falls. It was only mile round trip, so we thought it wouldn’t be too bad.

Tip #28 – Don’t wear sandals when hiking!! Okay, I know this is obvious but in order to do spontaneous hiking safely, make sure to bring tennis/hiking shoes in the back of your vehicle. That way, if you learn of something awesome on your adventures, you can just change shoes.

The hike was really fun and relatively simple even though we had sandals on. These ladies were awesome hiking buddies:


Along the hike, some locals called us “extreme” which was a proud moment.


Due to our extreme (aka irresponsible) hiking, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice Italian restaurant off of Elk (the main street in CB). It was a fantastic dinner!


We took the kiddos to the park and while hanging out, I decided to write a peom. That’s right people – a regular poet!


For those of you who can’t read my awesome handwritting, here it is:

Torn from the rock, Rushing south to where no man can meet. Lights flash high, where rocks pass and block the continuation of time. Fear has no place in a land of balance and peace. Feel the air clean your lungs as you feel the presence of nature all around. Begin the process of unwinding. Become the mountains with melting snow. Become the dandilions in full bloom and float, float to the moon.

Finally we headed to bed after soaking our feet in the hot tub!

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