Big Horn Highway (Day 26)

Today was a simple drive day. We didn’t really have many plans; we just need to get to the Wagon Box Inn. This was about a 5 hour drive.

The drive was quite lovely today. We exited Yellowstone from the East Entrance and went through the Big Horn mountains. They were very cool and beautiful.


On this drive, I saw the most expansive view I have ever seen from land. This was looking out over Wyoming from the Big Horn range. It was super awesome, and Dre really liked it.



Afterwards, we stopped at the Irma Hotel historical restaurant, which was opened by Buffalo Bill in the city of Cody, WY.  It was fun to hear how Buffalo Bill made all of his money with a show, traveled the world for 30 years and ended up broke by gambling his fortune away.

We finished our drive around 5:30 or so and ate at the local restaurant in the Wagon Inn. Then we watched the boys play outside for about an hour.  I brought O in after it started to get chilly and took him to take a quick bath.


Yucky!!! The water smelled like sulphur. How did I know if was a sulphur smell? Well, I just stayed in Yellowstone for 4 days and became quite familiar with sulphur smells.

So, depending on your water type, water can have bacteria that corrodes metals in the water tank, resulting  in the sulphur smell. It was pretty gross smelling but aired out pretty quickly.

We put the kiddos to bed, and we’re ready now for Rapid City!

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