Deep into Death Valley (Day 8)

That’s right folks, we went into the heart of Death Valley with our children. It wasn’t too bad heat wise. It was toasty though and dangerous. If you want to lose all of your water weight, I would highly recommend hanging out here for a day or two.


We packed up Vegas and ventured up to the town of Tonopah, NV and we took a pitstop in Death Valley National Park along the way. The drive was pretty straight forward:

The Valley used to be filled with very large lakes that covered the region but as the environment changed, it is now the Hottest, Driest and Lowest point in the US. The record temp was 134 degrees fahrenheit. We were 198 ft under sea level as well. So be sure to keep this in mind when traveling Death Valley because your ears are going to pop like crazy.


Of course Andre got his Death Valley Junior Badge!


We arrived at our final destination around 6, grabbed a bite to eat and then did some laundry. We made sure to replenish our food supplies along the way as well.


Tip #8 – I would recommend packing only 7 days of clothes max. You will be able to re-wear some clothes and it will help save space for all those souvenirs you are going to be picking up.

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  1. Heather Beckham

    Love the pic of Katie on the car!! Feel like that could be in a magazine or something. Admire you going to Death Valley. I hate heat, so that sounds like a difficult excursion for me. That pic of the boys is the cutest!!

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