Last Night In a Hotel (Day 31)

As we headed to Lincoln, NE we stopped at only one stop – the biggest train yard in the world! This was an impressive operation and the employees were very excited about the work they did. They said that they shuffle through thousands of train cars in a day.

After our one stop (and maybe a couple road-pees along the way), we made it to Lincoln.

We decided we would do some laundry after dinner, so we pretty much unloaded the van, which took an entire bell-cart. The valet attendant asked us how many nights we were staying and definitely thought we were crazy when we said one night.


The great news was this place had a pool!! So we all swam before we left for dinner. This was a rock star strategy because the boys were so tired at dinner, that Jeff and I were able to enjoy the meal with minimal interruptions.

We enjoyed the atmosphere and service at Lazlos in downtown Lincoln. This led to us each having 3 strong cocktails. We had walked to the restaurant, so it was no biggie. However, absolutely no laundry was done. Not one freaking load.

We put the kids to bed and decided to watch a movie for the first time on the trip. We landed on The Brothers Grimsby. Jeff and I thought it was hysterical, and there were some truly unforgettable scenes in that little flick.

Since we had such a great night, we made the choice that it was to be our last for the trip.

So we decided that we were going to drive from Lincoln, NE to Edmond, OK the next day.

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