Putt-Putt, Chapels and Anger (Day 27)

We’re going to South Dakota to enjoy some rocks shaved into people. The boys were just ecstatic about the whole thing, particularly Owen. However, today was a drive day from our Wagon Box Cabin.

We had a great night sleep, packed up and headed to a new city. With limited expectations of Rapid City, SD, we were pleasantly surprised. I really wanted to make good time, so I encouraged everyone to eat PB&Js and cheese and crackers in the car.

We made it around 1:30, which was great for getting some activities in for the day. First on the docket was a riveting and competitive game of Putt-Putt.

This was the first time Owen really got excited to play. He hit the ball around like a crazy man. I particularly like the pic of Jeff and I because Andre took that picture himself.

This putt-putt had a wonderful course. They had a ton of waterfalls, flowers and it was super clean. I give this activity an A+. Next was time for the Chapel in the Hills:


This was a precious little site. There isn’t a ton to do there but the building was really beautiful. The chapel is actually a direct (they bought the blue prints) copy of one located in Norway. The ladies volunteering were very kind and gave us several suggestions for things to do in the city.

Tip #22 – I think it is vital to talk to the locals in every city you are in. We have made a point to do this during the trip. Yes, tripadvisor can answer a lot of your questions, but locals know best! So make sure to talk to the person sitting next to you sometimes; they just may have some special insights.

After the chapel, we checked into our bed and breakfast. The owners were both CPAs, so we obviously liked them off the bat. They were very friendly and super accommodating.

Tip #23 – Try a B&B at least once on your journey. You will start to crave some comforts from home that hotels just can’t provide. B&Bs have the ability to create a home environment that is relaxing and fun. Plus, it also gives you the opportunity to stretch out a bit with the kiddos.

We had a big surprise for Dre; we went to go see the Angry Birds Movie today.

Angry Birds

He totally freaked out and thanked us for being “good” to him. He also stated that he would like to give us the surprise of going to Chucky Cheese afterwards…..yeah, that wasn’t going to happen.

After the movie, it was a bit late, so we went straight to night-night time and anticipated seeing Mount Rushmore.

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