Slippery Slope (Day 4)

After our first night in the cabins, we woke up freezing. The fire I had started died out in the middle of the night and we forgot to turn the heater on in the cabin. Lesson learned there.

We decided after roughing it for the night, we should fill our bellies at a local restaurant in Old Town Flagstaff. We chose La Bellavia Restaurant due to the reviews online. Moderate mistake. The food was super blah, service was good and it was very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend you don’t eat there unless you want cheap sub-par food. The koala bear was at least cute, with the sausage crown.


We brushed off the breakfast and headed to the Slide Rock State Park. This was a very cool thing to do with the kiddos. I would recommend children a little older though, as the rocks were very slippery and the depths of the waters range greatly. However, if you are prepared to be careful, it is totally fine.

In order to get there, we had to go down some crazy roads:

We weren’t able to get too many pics there but here is what we got:

Slide Rock absolutely tuckered the boys out. The combo of sun, water and excitement knocked them out cold:


We needed to replenish some groceries, so Jeffrey found this Farmers Market. I have never been to a Farmers Market before so it was a new experience for me. The sign informed us that we need to bring our own bags….well guess what, I had one!

So I was able to be a trendy, baby carrying, organic tote holding, farmers market shopping granola girl for about 15 minutes. Dre had a blast with the most adorable shopping carts we have ever seen.

And yes, directly after shopping at organic land, we went to a regular grocery store to buy the rest of everything that we needed.

Tip #3 – Make sure you save all those plastics bags you get at non-organic-farmer stores. They are a road trip life saver when you have poopie diapers, trash in the car or need help carrying additional items you didn’t anticipate.

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  1. Heather Beckham

    Ok, my favorite part about this post is how you are a “trendy, organic tote holding, farmers market shopping granola girl” (granted, only 15 minutes, but still) and then your tip is about saving plastic bags. 😂😂😂😂 I love you guys!

  2. Red

    Good strategy of cold water, sun etc. to zonk the boys out. Did it work on Jeff?

    1. Katie

      Yes it did!

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