The Heart of DC

We had a great stay in the heart of DC. We stayed within a 5 minute walk from the White House and upon arriving decided to walk to the National Mall. We stopped at the Washington Monument and then the Lincoln Memorial.


The kids had a blast running next to the water which helped to burn off some of the time spent sitting in the car. We headed to a relaxing dinner and then to bed, excited about or tour of the Capitol the next morning.

After a great night’s sleep, the kiddos woke up super happy and excited. Jeff slept in for a bit while I fed the kids and got them ready. We needed to be at the Capitol about 30 min before our tour. I tried to get everyone out of the house but it was not happening. Jeff really didn’t seem too worried.

Then we started down to the Capitol. HOLY CRAP – it was a 30 minute fast walk. I was not into running but Jeff was not going to miss this tour. As he raced down the streets, O-Dog and myself walked at a decent pace. Once we finally arrived, I had lost Jeffrey. I went to the front of the tour line (which was about a 15 min wait) and asked the beefy security guard if he had seen a guy with a pink backpack go through.

He was super nice and let me borrow his cell to call Jeffrey. No answer, but as I ran down the long line, I found Jeff halfway. Once we arrived at the front of the line, the same security guy asked if I found him. He worked to see what this mystery pink backpack man looked like. The look on his face was priceless – he raised one eyebrow and then looked at me and said, “Is this him?” I said yes, and he just stared in a confused way. It probably had nothing to do with this hair:


We enjoyed our tour of the Capitol. We weren’t able to see the main House and Senate areas because it was a holiday, however, we were also able to tour the Library of Congress.  The private reading room was open to the public when we were there, which was really lucky since that only happens two days a year.

Then we stopped and had some ice cream in a park and headed over to the Smithsonian. Along the way we stopped at a merry-go-round.


We had a great time in DC – we took one last look at the White House and finished the night at a fancy dinner where we behaved perfectly.

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