Spokane Correctly? (Day 20)

We took a major detour, by our choice, to have a bit more scenery. So, instead of going the southern route to Twin Falls and Boise, we went North to Spokane and Butte. I am sure happy we took this route – not only are the views great but Spokane is fantastic based on the small sample we had of it.

As we started our drive, we stopped by some amazing waterfalls:

We found a giant playground on the way to Spokane that was very big and great for Dre to burn some energy.

Then we kept on trucking and finally arrived at our destination. We rode on a SkyTram to see Spokane’s waterfalls.

Then we played on a giant Radio Flyer!

Then we ate at an amazing restaurant called Wild Sage. I give this place 5 stars easily as the service was excellent and the food was delicious. After dessert, we went to the hotel, had a couple relaxing drinks in the room and headed to bed!

Spokane appears to be a mini Portland. Well, Portland sends their homeless to Spokane on a bus anyway (we learned that from a local). Definitely a place to check out for more than just one day and possibly a good place to buy some property as the prices really aren’t crazy yet.

Final thoughts by Dre: I’m too sexy for these waterfall, for these waterfalls….

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