Somewhere Under the Rainbow (Day 19)

‘Twas the last day in Portland and all through our thoughts, was to get the most of this wonderful place? Let’s play some music, it should set the pace!

So we hopped in our car and raced like a jet, to a beach, because we wanted to get wet!

Once we were there, with weather just fair, but the food was mighty fine. Lazy Lucy’s filled our bellies and tasted so divine.


To the beach we went and played in the sand. The whole sand dollar we found was quite grand.

Then we scooted down quick, with the greatest of ease, to dairy town Tillamook to eat some yummy cheese. The people we met were happy and kind as they made a grilled cheese that passed the inspection of mine.

Then as we drove, a rainbow came over the grove and took us all by surprise. If you want to see what the children think, feel free to just watch the link:

Sure, they go crazy but that’s okay, because Powell bookstore is just 137 miles away!


Powell Bookstore is the biggest in the world, with millions of books on display. There is so much ability to go the wrong way. What did we buy, you may ask…….well the Princess Bride of course!! It is just the best!


Finally we headed to bed with 3 simple stories to put out the two, and packed up our bags for a place all anew!

One final thought, can you help us figure out, what the two are saying? We are concerned they could definitely be plotting!

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(2) Comments

  1. Red

    Loving the Blog. A window into a wonderful world — enjoy.

  2. Matthew J Kochelek

    You are quite the poet, though I didn’t know it. That is the most adorable interaction of the kids plotting in the sand. Rest assured when they are done, things will get well out of hand! Have fun!

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