Chillin’ In Portland (Day 17)

Portland is definitely a chill city. We decided to go to Mt. Hood park, which is walking distance from our VRBO. This was a great playground for the kids. I was able to speak with several people at the park, all very friendly, and informative about living in Portland. The weather has been fantastic!


After hanging out in the park, we decided to go the Japanese Gardens. This place was so awesome. They have done a wonderful job with the decorations and creating several fun, secluded areas. I think all the zen even relaxed the kiddos.

After our zen afternoon, we decided to eat at a finer restaurant in the the business district. We had the only children in the entire restaurant. The place was called Veritable Quandary. The food was very good, but the service was not. Below is a pic of my, “Your frustrating me with your crap service face.” Notice the clenched fist, I did not know Jeff was taking this pic.


As my zen was running out, we received our souffle:IMG_1558.JPG

Dre was super excited as it was his first souffle, and it was chocolate. This inspired us to make some brownies when we got home. (NOTE: I had a goal to lose some weight on this trip…..HAHAHAH…..that is a no go!)

Feel free to see a taste of our brownie making experience:

Then Jeffrey and I started to tackle a 1,000 piece puzzle! Fun times!

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