Monumental Day (Day 7)

The night before, the kids went to sleep with Katie around 10:00 at our very standard Hampton Inn in Albuquerque, and I took off to the local laundromat to give us a fresh start in the clothing department, blogging while the clothes spun.

The next morning I spent some time ironing some of the clothes and re-drying others with a hairdryer after Katie, very kindly and gently, pointed out that some of the clothes weren’t up to snuff.  That gave us something to process on the drive to Monument Valley, Utah.


We were not going to have a fridge at any of our accommodations for the next four days, so it was time to eat in the car all day and use up all of the perishable food we could.  Our Yeti cooler is fantastic for these trips, but it can’t keep the food fresh for 4 days in the desert.

We stopped at a gas station for a potty break, and Andre asked me if he could have something from the bathroom wall “Health Mart.”  I said no.


A quick note, we passed by this restaurant multiple times, meaning it’s a chain.  Update: we still don’t know what we are missing.


We arrived in Monument Valley around dinner time and went straight to our Navajo Bed and Breakfast, the Tear Drop Inn.  It was one of those places that didn’t really have an address and you paid in cash after the stay.  There were a couple B&B rooms in what was otherwise known as “Eileen’s home” (her home was also the location of the one bathroom), and she also had a cabin outside.  We stayed in the cabin.

Yes, that’s Katie doing her rendition from the musical “The Book of Mormon.”

Owen and Andre started playing in the dirt outside the cabin and running around.  Very quickly, they learned the lesson that you should not pick up sand and throw it into each other’s eyes.

After playing around at the cabin, admiring a nice view of Monument Valley (once the sand was washed out), we ventured to “The View” restaurant to eat some genuine Navajo food.  I didn’t know what to expect, except that the reviews had said something to the extent that you eat at “The View” for… the view, but we were pleasantly surprised.


After dinner, we took a gander at Monument Valley and took some obligatory pics of the little ones before settling in for the night in our cabin.


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  1. Heather Beckham

    I wanted to see a pic of the clothes “that weren’t up to snuff”…….maybe next time Jeff?

    Food looks good! You guys are so brave to do this with a 3 year old! Teach me your ways.

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