Wonderfully Simple (Day 14)

We said goodbye to this beautiful city today – Dre watched some golf while we packed up:


Jeff found an excellent brunch place in a marina just outside of San Fran. The restaurant was a french bistro called Le Garage. We had a fantastic brunch that included hot chocolate and mimosas!


Next we drove for several hours to get to our cabin. Dre watched a movie and Owen took quite a few good naps.

Once we arrived at our cabin, we showed Dre his special loft and he just loved it. Then we went to grab some dinner at the Historical Benbow Inn. This place was really charming and had great food. Since we had children and were dressed like hobos, we were respectfully given outside seating. This turned out to be bonus because we were able to see the awesome rainbow:


After our excellent dinner, we went inside the bar to have dessert and a couple more drinks. To our delight, they had a piano:

After our mini concert we headed back to the KOA cabin and played on the swing set right next to our cabin:

Today was another example of what this road trip is supposed to be like! Sweet and simple.

Tip #16 – Be sure to stay at a KOA cabin or campsite. Facilities were very clean, staff was super friendly and the campsites allow you to feel close to nature without the work. Also, the prices were very reasonable!



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